Top 10 Best Military Schools in India

There is dearth need of the army in every nation. For the protection of the nation, there should be someone who can sacrifice the lives for the homeland. A country needs the land based force to defend its nation. Those are the prime guardians that save the national integrity and sovereignty. So we should widely respect their bravery, discipline and absolute patriotic values. There are many people who loved to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of their country. So to fulfill the desire of such persons, many army training institutions and schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education and those are run by the Ministry of Defense that is handled by the Government of state.

So here is the list of top 10 military and army schools in India that overlay the way for the persons to serve their nation.

  1. Army Public School: it is the system of schools that have the chain in almost all the cities of India to impart the knowledge of armed forces to the children. Army Public school that stands on the rank number 10th is located in the city of Pune in India. It was established in the year of 1988 and has a lavish building that is spread on the large area of land. Besides providing education of army, the school also offers the academic knowledge to the students.
  2. Rashtriya Military School: also known as Belgaum Military School as it is located in the city of Belgaum, in the state of Karnataka in India. The school was established in 1945 and is run by the Ministry of Defense of Indian Government. This school is the boarding school for boys of classes 6th to 12th. The school holds the entrance test for the admission in the military department every year in December and almost 70 to 80 thousand students take the test and only 350 students are selected to get admission.
  3. Ajmer Military School:also known as the Rashtriya Military School of Ajmer.The school was founded in the year of 1930 in the city of Ajmer. This institution of the Military is run by the Indian Army that offers education mainly of armed personals so that the students get the knowledge of defense and protection of their country. Besides academic and armed knowledge, this institution also put emphasis on the extracurricular activities.
  4. Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School: the school is resided in the city of Pune that is the military boarding school for the children who are interested in gaining the education of military and armed forces. The school was established in 1932 and the first class was started in June 20th, 1932. The school provides the emphasis on the sports, extracurricular activities and also on the academic knowledge besides imparting the education of armed forces. The school is well maintained and the rooms are airy. The school has also a department that is dedicated to the NNC wing.
  5. Army Public School: another Army School is standing on our list because of its high standard of education and quality. This school is located in Colaba in Mumbai that is supervised by the Indian Army. The Army Public School of Mumbai was established in the year of 1984 that was established to impart the quality defense and reasonable education to the children of India. It is great school also in regards to provide the academic education.
  6. Bangalore Military School: also named as Rashtriya Military School, Bangalore because the school was established in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, India, it was established in the year of 1946 in the month of August. The students who get enrolled in the school are called as Georgians after the name of the founder of the school, King George. It practiced the children to apply in the National Defense academy afterwards.
  7. Chail Military School:also known as the Rashtriya Military School, Chail. It is one of the best military schools in India that are established in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the year of 1922 after the World War I. the school was founded by the King George who funded for its establishment. The school prepares the cadets to protect their homeland no matter what. The playground of the school is the world’s highest cricket ground that is located in the deodar forest in Chail.
  8. Dholpur Military School:it is one of the most effective branches of Rashtriya Military schools in India and is located in the city of Dholpur in Rajasthan. The school was established in1962 by the former defense minister of India. The school is vast that is spread over the area of 1500 acres and it is equipped with all the modern facilities.
  9. Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan:another branch of the Army Public school in India is the branch of Dhaula Kuan. The school is located in Delhi, the capital heart of India. The school is supervised by the Indian Army and the area of this school is spread to wide area of 33 acres. It contains the computer labs, auditorium, cafeterias and other modern facilities.
  10. Rashtriya Indian Military College: the top college of army and military education is the RIMC that is situated in the Doon Valley of Dehradun. The school was established in 1922 by the Prince of Wales Edward VIII. The school is equipped with all the modern facilities that it should be equipped of making it the best military school of India.