Top 10 Best Audio Recording Software

Audio recording software belongs to the premium category computer programs. There are few free tools of course, but they don’t really get the whole job. Partial tasks aren’t always desirable, thus buying an audio recording software could become a necessity. If you happen to do audio editing very frequently on a PC, buying the full version of the following software might be totally worth of your budget.


  1. Cubase

Cubase has gotten an entire facelift from the earlier day versions of it. The interface is pretty minimalistic and all the panels and buttons are placed exactly where they are supposed to be. In each session of recording, the users can record audio in MIDI format as long as there’s free space on the disk. Using the Mixer, Cubase users can mix a whole audio track and adjust variations in 4-band equalizer.


  1. Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X runs only on the Macintosh platform, guess that was pretty obvious in the name. The best part about this software is, even people with not-so-much knowledge on music can work and learn gradually. There’s a full pedal of guitar effects and other stuff like digital amplifier, drummer track etc.


  1. Sonar Platinum

Sonar Platinum takes payment on a monthly or yearly basis, just like the Adobe Audition CC. There are individual display options for single and dual monitor setups. Sonar Platinum records audio in MIDI in unlimited length. Feature wise, this software has 57 mixing and 21 virtual instruments built in.


  1. Mixcraft

Mixcraft’s latest version hasn’t only updated the visual interface but also the core audio engine. If you don’t want to use real musical instruments to record tracks, there’s a full array of virtual instruments on board. Few plugins are offered by default, and a whole bunch of additional tools could be availed by paying few bucks to the developers.


  1. Reason

The latest version of Reason is Reason 8; and the user interface is now all flattened out. The sharp edges are gone, so are the 3D-like interfaces. Inside, the core four components of Reason are sequencer, mixer, rack and the browser. The collection of production templates and tools are overwhelming; there are 3000 loops and a total of 25 effect units.


  1. Pro Tools

This software operates in 64-bit architecture. The industry level audio output in Pro Tools make it a very common tool used by the audio producers, whereas the figuratively easy UI enables the normal users to create extraordinary tracks. The software could handle up to 128 music tracks and 512 MIDI tracks at once; and record up to 32 tracks. That’s some serious stuff!


  1. Studio One

The interface isn’t really very beautiful, but we’d like to address that as a utilitarian feature. User can drag and drop files into the working window, save loops etc. There are drum patterns, MIDI files for better creation of audio files. Third party plugin packages are available as well.


  1. Ableton

Like many other Digital Audio Workstation, Ableton has two windows to work on. However, the session window on Ableton is unique, as it offers the core features of this software. Playback of audio clips, combining and splitting audio clips etc. are some very basic features Ableton offers.


  1. Samplitude Music Studio

Samplitude Music Studio could allocated up to 128 audio tracks per session; automation of session would be done as well. Certain level of AI is applied to all processes, such as if the user names a track Guitar that track will automatically have guitar icon. There are three different mixers to work with.


  1. Reaper

Reaper offers great a great DAW at very reasonable price; it’s almost free if you compare the price tag with other professional tools available in the market. Upon installation, the audio interface will be automatically detected and assigned for usage. The processes are pretty straightforward on this software.



Audio recording software wouldn’t be free; if you seriously consider audio editing you should also have the mindset to spend a good amount for these programs as well.