Top 10 Best Game Recording Software For Windows PC

In this generation, unquestionably we can say that gaming is one of the biggest entertainment source for many people. There are millions of people who love online multi-player games, FPS, browser games, or just good old Mario series. A video game recorder supplies you a host of tools that allow you to record gameplay footage of you in action. Are you searching for the best game recording software for PC? Then, you are at the right place. You should note that most of the tool will record raw videos without any compression.So when you get the video make sure that you compress it before sharing.


Here are some of the best game recording software for PC.

1. Open Broadcaster Software

The Open Broadcast Software has a very simple interface with all data that you knew. OBS is a free software with tons of customization options. There is no need to change any special settings, the only one thing to do is just select the source which you would like to record and start recording. The key features of OBS are free, Open source, simple interface and light application.

2. Shadow Play

Shadow Play is another great free software for streaming or recording. This recording system is provided by NVIDIA Geforce, the originators of GPUs installed in most of the PCs. This tool reduces the burden of the CPU, which is running the game. Geforce GTX 600 and above is needed to run Shadow Play.

3.  Action!

Action is a game recording software with lots of amazing properties and features. But, this is a paid software, uses your GPU speed up the recordings and put less pressure on the CPU. In Action you have the choice to create High quality video up to 4k resolution, high frame rate and can add commentary to it. You can stream the videos in all popular services like YouTube, Hitbox, Twitch, Livestream and Ustream etc. The key features of Action are Remote Access, 4k video recording and Time- Shift mode.

4. Bandicam

Bandicam is a good paid tool which is one of the most feature rich game recording software. It i very simple to use and offers all the required features. The key features of Bandicam are Video compression, Simple to use with least menu and adjustable window for recording. You can record straight for 24 hours and plan for time to record and stop recording.

5. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is a tool that provide some robust streaming features and it also provides both streaming and video recording to hard drive. This software makes the recording and streaming quite an easy task. The key features are Robust Streaming features, Simple and quick to use and offers free accounts that gives all basic recording features.

6. D3D Gear

D3D Gear is a software that doesn’t need any kind of special setup. This is a very simple game recording tool and it is very light that doesn’t take up your PC. The key features are extremely light, one button process and real-time video. There is a free trial for 15 days and then you can buy the software for $34.95. 7. Dxtory  Dexter is a software tool that offers lots of features while being very light on the system. Its interface is intensely simple and makes it very easy to understand and all settings and adjust them. The key features are light and simple, robust customization options has a free version as well.

8. Fraps

Fraps is a light tool which offers the best features and it can also be used as a benchmark tool, shows total frames per second. It might not have many features, but the feature among them is best. The key features are light software, benchmark tool and high quality video with customizable frames.

9. WM Capture  

WM Capture is a screen recording app that can capture almost everything at high quality. It can record a video of any particular area and can save it in different formats. The key features are Customizable capture windows, and save videos in multiple formats.

10. Use Windows 10 Game Bar

Do you own windows 10, then you don’t need any kind of game recording software. This OS has a built in game recording feature called Game Bar. The process is very simple, when the game is running just press Windows Key+G. To start the recording you just press Windows key+Alt+R  or to stop the recording. The key features are built in windows 10, easy to use and it’s free