10 Best IRC Client for Linux

One of the appreciated way to communicate in the late nineties the Internet Relay Chat in present scenario is one of the best ways to converse largely for the Linux Clients, IRS or Internet Relay Chat and its communication-based protocol helps to chat with the available channel or more precisely called as the chat rooms. The whole system works with the IRC Networks and Servers being connected from the IRC Client Application.

IRC was created in the year 1988 and carries a history full of ups and downs, the social media fever took over the internet in early 20’s slams hard IRC. Linux Distribution still relays on the basic conversation chain as all of the major distribution units based on Linux carries IRC channel. You can generally help and meet new Linux Users over IRC as the channel helps you to create your own channels- Public, Private, or Invite only. The actions of users are called as the IRC commands and the conversation begins with a forward slash.

Here is the list of top available options as the IRC Client Apps available for Linux and recommended best by the users

10. Kvirc
Kvirc has added its name as the 10th best App in the list as the tool is the easiest way to create a theme by shortcut inputs and change the fonts as well as background sections with multiple channels available. The Network Profile option in the App helps to create separate settings for each IRC networks.

09. Hexchat
Hexchat is tagged as the least complicated IRC Client for the Linux users in the list, the reason app is equipped with basic features Hexchat is being placed as the default IRC Client. The App also features autojoin to other channels and also creates IRC Commands to different aliases. Hexchat comes with multiple authentication methods as SASL and NickServ and scripting with Python and Perl.

08. Konversation
The KDE based app Konversation comes with full customization offer that combines well with other KDE-based applications. The App combines feature as Kontact Address Book to show the contacts in the list using IRC. In order to maintain classification, you can define multiple nicknames and identification methods for each IRC Networks.

07. Smuxi
One of the top rated features Smuxi carries is to notify different messages you failed to claim during offline mode. Apart from basic IRC Smuxi helps to connect with Twitter, Facebook Chat, and Jabber. There are two viewing modes in the App that helps you to manage multiple IRC channels with classifications.

06. Quassel
One of the basic loophole in IRC based conversation was called as no place for the messages or commands received during offline mode. Quassel solves the problem with a client-server approach. The core function available on board act as the server and helps to collect the information being online at the time you are not even available online.

05. F-IRC
The F-IRC is designed and classified as the command line IRC client with a compact interface that helps you to navigate the option with cursor keys. For a better interface, it supports color options and allows connection to multiple IRC servers. You can edit the different favorite programs using customization option that helps to show on top selected channels.

04. WeeChat
There are different plug-in features available as features that help to write scripts in the different range of languages available as an option as Python, Perl, Ruby, and Lua. If you don’t want featured command over languages you can choose the lightweight. Weechat offers multiple servers and encrypt your private information as a priority to security.

03. Irrsi
In case you spent a lot of time in Terminal and different range of IRC than Irrsi is the right choice for you. There are different newly added features that make IRC chat via Irrsi interesting; the available features app carries include themes, advanced chat log management, keyboard shortcuts, and command aliases. The most highlighted feature Irrsi is you can manage IRC connections with one window.

02. Pidgin
Multi-Protocol IM app predates current all-in-one solutions like Franz, joining Pidgin you can create accounts on different channels at once. The Plug-ins available as an option with the app is available as optional that do several tasks ranging in highlighting, customizable notifications, hiding or part messages. One of the top rated feature of the app offers multiple channels can be viewed with feature side-by-side view option.

01 Polari
Polari is the top available IRC App in the list that initiates one of the basic need to start chatting on the go without any distracted plug-ins that can distract you. All you need as an option is to click the Plus button and add the network you want to add and you will be directed to the desired channel.