10 Best Sites to Download Free Creative Commons Music

Audio contents are often required for using in websites, blogs, apps or something else. However, there are licensing issues to resolve, any music clip that’s found online isn’t always open for random use. Creative Commons is a licensing authority that offer license to web content like image and audio; if one wants to use an audio clip then confirming a free Creative Commons license is necessary if they are not willing to pay. Here are 10 websites that offer free Creative Commons licensed audio clips.


  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is possibly the best website that offers audio contents with a variety of license types. SoundCloud holds music, songs, podcasts, title tracks, notifications sounds and what not. In brief, any sort of sound one might be looking for are available on SoundCloud; just check the licensing before download.


  1. JewelBeat

JewelBeat offers music clips for usage, for free! Apparently, a lot of people would choose JewelBeat over any other platform due to this nature; however there’s one condition though. The user must credit JewelBeat in their output content – be it an online blog post, or a presentation video. Also, a credit via social network would be appreciated as well.


  1. Audionautix

The music tracks listed under Audionautix are licensed with Creative Commons 3.0 license, which enables a music user to remix the music as they want and use it commercially. This surely enables a lot of users to tweak the soundtracks little bit without having to be penalized for illegally using soundtracks.


  1. Jamendo

Jamendo has a huge collection of more than 4 hundred thousand soundtracks, not all of them are enlisted under Creative Commons license. Thus, many of them could be freely re-used and reproduced as necessary. However, while downloading a track from Jamendo make sure the license allows that track to be used and redistributed for free.


  1. Free Music Archive

The website’s name ‘FreeMusicArchive’ itself is self-explanatory; any visitor would know they can find free music tracks for reuse. However, the perk of being licensed under Creative Commons licensing is – it’s not just free music but the quality is very much ensured. There’s no compromise in the quality of the soundtrack thus they would be highly useful.


  1. FreeSound

In FreeSound archive, the soundtracks are all arranged by tags thus a visitor can search for a specific genre or category by putting it in the search field. Also, the names of the tags are posted in the homepage as a cloud shape so that a visitor could decide better. For detailed information on the license, take a look on each track’s individual page.


  1. CCMixter

CCMixter contains a whole lot of free and paid music files; the majority portion of the files stored in this cloud are registered with Creative Commons licensing. To know more about the licensing on each track, it is suggested that user takes a look into the individual track info.


  1. Incompetech

In Incompetech interface, a visitor can search the tracks by ‘feel’, which is the proprietary term of this website for genre, mood or category – whatever you call it. The soundtracks are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, thus these tracks could be freely remixed and resampled.


  1. Musopen

Basically, Musopen focuses on educational contents in internet thus the music tracks are mostly licensed for free distribution. However, the condition with the licensing is the use the audio clip with educational contents. Also, Musopen bears the motto of setting music free.


  1. Internet Archive

The website Internet Archive is truly an archive of so many music tracks, however some workaround is required to find the specified license type.



Finding Creative Commons music isn’t much harder these days, only the website names are necessary. Before proceeding with the download, make sure you have checked and understood the license type and reusing policy.