10 Best Business Schools in the World

Business Schools around the world offer a great number of degrees, both Bachelors’s and Master’s, in areas like business administration, finance, accounting, operations, and information systems management. Master of Business Administration is probably the most popular and globally accepted business certification provided by business schools. To help with your search, the following are the top 10 business schools in the world.

University of North Carolina, U.S.A

Those enthusiastic about business schools will want to look at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the most particular business schools in U.S.A. Their basic semester-based academic calendar is ideal for young business students and those fresh out of college.

London Business School, London, UK

London Business School is a part of University of London and located in central London. Along with MBA, it offers certifications in management, finance, fellowship for business people, and also PhD courses.

Harvard Business School, Allston, Canada

Unarguably, one of the top business schools in the globe, Harvard Business School is located in Allston, Canada. HBS offers a 2 year Master of Business Administration program, Doctoral programs and Executive Education program.

Edinburgh University, UK

Edinburgh University is known as the top MBA School in the UK. It is most likely the only truly international class school in UK and ranks in the top 10 international schools worldwide.

International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Switzerland

International Institute for Management Development (IMD) is one of the world’s top-most business schools for an MBA certification. IMD is highly considered by recruiters for building creative, business minded leaders with excellent general management, analytical, and team leadership skills. The school is also renowned for its diploma programs in public management and global management.

IESE Business School, Spain

IESE Business School in Spain is a constituent of the University of Navarra and always ranked as one of the most top business schools in Europe. The campuses are located in Madrid and Barcelona.

INSEAD, France

If somebody talks about the best business school around the globe, they are most likely talking about INSEAD. The question of the best business school is a challenging one, with no objective factor to make the decision, but it is highly agreed that INSEAD is definitely one of the best business schools in the world.

MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, U.S.A

MIT Sloan School of Management business schools’ courses are designed to ground students in the fundamentals of management as well as offering the flexibility to customize the program to comply with their individual interests and career objectives.

Schulich School of Business, Canada

Schulich School of Business is one of the few schools that have been listed among the top ten business schools in the popularly accepted rankings. Every faculty member in Schulich School of Business has an expert degree, which just goes on to sign at the great quality of education imparted there.

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), UK

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is one of the top business schools in the world that has always ranked high and more popular amongst the students that are planning to do MBA from UK.