Top 10 Most Famous Indian Painters

India is a diverse country and rich in heritage. Be it music, dance, literature, or art, Indian people have earned a valuable position in all these art forms. Painting is one of finest art form of India that has taken India to a new level. Each painter in India has its own style and a unique way of expressing that distinguishes them from other painters.

Following are the top 10 famous painters in India

  1. Maqbool Fida Hussain

MF Hussian who is also known as Picasso of India is a modern artists and a role model for many upcoming painters in the country. Most of his painting includes the cubist technique and are based on historical figures such as Gandhi, ancient epics, and more. He is also a well known painter for depicting nude figures of Hindu goddesses. Besides, his paintings can be found in premium art galleries of India and are credited for Rs. 6 lakh and above.


  1. Tyeb Mehta

This famous painter is known to take the Indian art to an international platform where his painting was sold for Rs. 1.5 crore at Christie’s in London. His painting Figures on rickshaw was titled as the second most expensive painting of India with a price tag of 14 crores. Tyeb Mehta is popular for creating triptychs wherein he divides the painting into three sections; Falling figures, diagonal series, and Hindu goddess figures such as Durga and Kali.


  1. Syed Haider Raza

Famous for using vivid colors in paintings, Syed Haider Raza is another top painter of India. Some of his fine artwork includes Saurashtra and La Terre where the former is considered to be the most expensive Indian painting sold at 16 crores.


  1. Arpita Singh

Contemporary painter, Arpita singh was appreciated for her work with awards several times. Her paintings move around the life of common Indian women and are greatly inspired from Bengali folk art.


  1. Francis Newton Sou

Founder of Bombay Progressive art movement, Francis Newton Sou is famous for depicting the dark side of humanity through his paintings. After his death in 2002, Christie’s managed to sell more than 140 paintings.


  1. Ganesh Pyne

This painter is a famous exponent of the Bengal School and his paintings usually showcase death and decay. Ganesh Pyne is a great artist and always represents his painting with a light background and sharp menacing images in the front. Some of his masterpiece includes The Assassin and Before the Chariot.


  1. Subodh Gupta

This famous painter with sharp artistic skills uses common objects such as bicycles, milk pails, utensils, and more. Moreover, Subodh Gupta uses painting video, sculptures, installation, and photography to enhance the beauty of his paintings.


  1. Chitra Ganesh

This contemporary artist has been successful in creating a unique comic-style of art which has helped her earn appreciation. Plus, her paintings are influenced by imperialism, queer politics, and mythologies.


  1. Jitish Khallat

This famous painter is known for creating finest self portraits. Jitish Khallat loves mixing several images together to create a painting that looks like a puzzle piece.


  1. Vasudeo S Gaintode

He is yet another painter of his kind who has taken Indian paintings to an international level. Moreover, his paintings are dynamic but give away a strong message silently.