Top 5 Foreign Languages Easier For Indians to Learn

Indians are the people who travel and live in different countries of the world. Meantime, learning languages of the country they migrated is a very important factor. If you are willing to learn a language of a country then knowingly or unknowingly you are trying to accept the cultures and traditional values of the foreign country. So here we discuss about the top most 5 foreign languages which are easier for Indians to learn because these are the languages which are very close enough to our mother tongue.

1. German

Indians have a deep root of sanskrit in their language. Most of the words are derived from the Sanskrit. Many expressions are derived from the Indo-European language, so it  takes some parts of Latin, Greek, French and English languages.German has great similarity and intellectual closeness to the language Sanskrit. On the other hand, more than 200 years the “Indo-Germanic language group” is tracked back which is the scientific term of it.  And this  familiarity is  a solid fundament for us today to build our shared future. Roots of Hindi and German languages are interwined. So this language is the best foreign language for you to learn easily.


Persian language is also known as Farsi, it is the official language of  countries like Afghanisthan, Iran and spoken by over 200m people. This language is very similar to English more than Arabic. The heavy lexical analysis of the language is drawn from the neighbour countries’ languages like Urudu, Irani, Arabic etc.. Hindi and Farsi both are Indo-European languages  but they evolved differently. Persian  doesnot has nominal inflection, while Hindi has conserved a binary case system which means it has a grammatical gender, which is not there in Persian

3. Nepali

Nepal is the neighbouring country of India. In india, Sikkim and Darjeeling are the places where the people speak Nepali. Its very easy language to learn for Indians. . If you are trying to learn  Hindi then you can read Nepali, because both languages are quite similar and learning one would make it very easy to learn the other. Just try when you listen to or read Nepali then you can understand some things sounds like Hindi with its accent. With Nepali and Hindi there exist some  differences between pronunciation, but the accent is quite similar and there are only minor variations.

4. Sinhalese

Sinhalese is an Indo-Aryan language which is very similar to Pali and Hindi and it includes vocabulary and grammar.It is the languages of Sinhalas which is a largest group of Srilanka. But in the case of phonetics it is very similar to Dravidian languages most commonly known as Tamil. In Sinhala infinitives, most of the words ends with a “vaa”, if we remove that, its quite similar to the Hindi word and the meaning is also the  same. For example, in Hindi for the word ‘to eat’ is khana meanwhile in Sinhala it is called as khanava. Oriya language is the accessant of Sinhala and thus is ‘Indo-Aryan’ language.

5. Malay

Malay is the language of Malaysia, which is drawn from various languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Dutch, English, Portuguese etc.. Sanskrit is the foundation stone of the Malay language, and earlier it was mainly based on Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Sanskrit has a major contribution of words to Malay vocabulary . If you speak a Malay sentence then there is chance of getting five to seven sanskrit words and the remaining words are either derived from Arabic,Tamil, Hindi, English, Chinese, Persian or of some other origin.This language is considered as very easy for Indians who wishes to learn foreign language.

If you are planning for going abroad and scaring that language will be a problem, then you can try with the languages and the countries which are listed here.