10 Internet Hoaxes About India

India is a land of beauty and myth. Various cultures and practices exist in India. Nevertheless, there are some hoaxes about India circulating in the virtual world. With the advent of Internet, the world has made a remarkable advancement. It makes the communication and transactions easy. Along with its boon, many manipulated and fake news circulate through the internet. Here ten hoaxes about India circulating in the Internet.

  1. Indian National Anthem: the world’s best national Anthem

In the year 2008, the news that UNESCO declared Indian National Anthem as the best amongst all National Anthems in the world circulated the virtual world. However, this is fake news and UNESCO denied that they did it.


  1. A man blinded folded due to melted contact lens

Some time ago, reports which said that an Indian man died because his contact lens started melting circulated in the internet. It was said that this man went to a BBQ station and because of the heat from the grilled food his contact lens started melting eventually leading to his death. This is just a hoax. The contact lenses are designed to resist high temperature and are made sterile to prevent infections.


  1. Giant skeleton found

The people of India and Bangladesh were perplexed on seeing the picture which showed a giant skeleton being excavated. This is just a hoax. This picture was created and submitted by a participant of the Image Manipulation Competition conducted by the website worth1000.com.


  1. 11 babies born from one mother

An image of 11 bodies lying on a bed taken in a hospital in Surat circulated in the social media. It was said that these 11 babies were born from one mother. This is a complete hoax. The image was real. They are the babies born on 11.11.11 in Surat but not from the same mother.


  1. Image of Godse before Gandhiji’s Assassination

An image of Nathuram Godse shooting Gandhi spread in the virtual world. But actually, this image is a scene in the British movie ‘Nine Hours to Rama’.


  1. Three headed snake

An image of a three-headed snake lying by a roadside took the media by surprise and shock. His is just a manipulated image and a result of photoshop.


  1. Kurkure hoax

Many people in India believe that kurkure contains plastic because of the reports which said that kurkure burns like plastic. This report circulated the social media and is a complete hoax. Actually, it is not plastic but the carbohydrate content in it.


  1. The Diwali light

The people of India were once fooled by a colorful image of India taken from the outer space. It was said that this image was taken on a Diwali night. But according to NASA, it was a picture of India, between 1992-2003, when the changes of the night illumination in the country were observable.


  1. The Hanuman’s Gadha

The virtual world was filled with interest when an image of a giant gadha circulated in it. It was said that this was the Hanuman’s Gadha. But actually, this is the gadha designed for a Hanuman statue in Indore.


  1. Frooti/Pepsi hoax

A report, which said that it was dangerous to drink Pepsi or frooti because an HIV-positive factory worker had contaminated it with his blood, went viral in the internet. This is also a complete hoax.