Top 5 Places Where You Can Find Snowfall In India

Let this December be your most unforgettable ‘chilled’ memories in your life. Several elevated regions in India are awaiting you with astonishing snowfall. There are many people who haven’t experienced snowfall and its just a heard thing. For them, this is a golden opportunity to enjoy the flakes of snow in India. Here are the top five places where you can wade through the snowfall.


  1. AULI

Auli is a state called ‘Devbhumi’ in Uttarakhand which means “Lands of Gods”. Auli is a relevant ski destination in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand. Auli gives the opportunity to test your skiing skills and as a beginner you can learn skiing from Auli’s lap itself. Coniferous and oak forests increases the beauty of Auli. The Himalayas, one of the greatest mountains in the world is in Auli.


The word ‘Pahalgam’ stands for ‘The valley of shepherds’. Pahalgam is situated at the streams flowing from Sheshney lake and lidder river in Jammu and Kashmir. The snowy weather conditions makes you feel at a heaven. If you wants to see the beauty of snow you should come atleast once to Pahalgam. The famous Amarnath cave is situated near Pahalgam.


Manali is one of the most attractive tourist places in India. Manali is a hill station of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of Kullu valley. When winter comes, its time to explore the pleasure of skiing and ice skating. The clear river and the snowy slopping mountains and the beautiful blue sky over the hills are mind blowing.


The name Shimla derived from the “Goddess Shyamala”. Shimla is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh and if you once visit this place can feel like Shimla is the paradise of the earth and you will surely be addicted to this place. The unique character makes it outstand from other tourist places is it still have the pleasant atmosphere that is not found elsewhere in India.


Nainital is one of the famous tourist destinations of India. Every year thousands of tourists come here only because of the stunning looks of the nature. The Naina lake is the precious gift by the Almighty to Nainital. Suppose if you are walking along the Naina lake with an unpeaceful mind and after that obviously you own a mind with peace.


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