Top 5 Duolingo Alternatives For Language Learning

There are several range of languages available beside your own mother tongue that interests you and you want to learn more about the language. It is not an easy task to learn an alien language without any support or guide, the task was difficult few years back as more and more advancement in technology leads you to just move your mind for a particular language and all the information will be available with just click of your fingers.

There are several apps for android and iOS users that makes the process of learning more convenient, the top rated amongst the available choices apps is called as the Duolingo, the language learner app experienced the highest number of downloads in the category for past two years. If you don’t want to install the orthodox app for language learning, there are few other options available as the language learner in the list that will surely help you to gain more knowledge with added features. We have enlisted the best available alternatives for the language learning, here are the following options available for better learning of the language.

  1. Clozemaster

Clozemaster is one of the few options available in the list that will offer the mannerism of learning in a game like structure. Duolingo on one hand offers almost 60-70 languages to learn but Clozemaster gives a close competition to Duolingo as the app offers 100+ languanges to learn. As you open the app it generates itself as a game like experience with 16 bit game that helps you to learn the language as fun task. There are several interactions in the game as you will get choice with fill in the blanks like questions and puzzle games to keep the answers ready for the things you learned in the backmind. Try it for once and you will forget Duolingo.

  1. Rosetta Stone

  Rosetta Stone is one of the ancient computer based language learning assistance that offers the art of learn languages now on Smartphone level and over the option as Android phones. Unlike the Duolingo, the Rosetta Stone offers 24 major languages as part of learning that has being penned down not be technology head but the experts and special teachers of the languages. The app offers comprehensive study material to give you the best available option as the language you need to choose. The app is combined with slick and attractive UI that helps to mark the process of learning more advanced and pleasing for Smartphone. To master the art of writing as well as speaking well the app offers special pronunciation classes as inbuilt speech recognition technology.

  1. busuu

Busuu is the app for the people who first want to start the task of learning the language with basic information and elements of the languages, comparing the facility with Duolingo, the fastest growing app doesn’t help you to provide first the basic knowledge than leading it for the advanced level of knowledge. The content and the series of learning process is decided and formed with the help of experts and teachers of the particular language that ensures you timely that your way to knowledge is in right hands. Complex vocabulary will be available through tips of your hand as there will be comprehensions available as fill in the blanks and options of grammar tips will be available with elaborated examples to help you to get the process of learning accelerating.

  1. Babbel

Babbel is a great choice of learning for all kind of learner as advanced and basic level of learners can opt for the learning process with series of teaching options and structured content available under same screen. The course content for the app is available in structured cycle like manner in 10 to 15 minutes of teaching lessons available in different range of files. The learning lessons of the app are not examined on the basis of any fill in the blanks or any other exam, you need to simply converse with the app server in simple language of the course you want to master. In the manner of learning you will be given information about the significance of certain words and phrases of your preferred language.

  1. Memrise

The topper of the list and the best available option to carry your knowledge about different languages is available with Memrise, under Memrise there are over 100 languages available to learn with game style manner of learning. In the unique way of learning you as detective will gain certain clues in the language you want to learn and you need to point clues in the right direction for the best possible result and chance of learning. Memrise helps you to gain advanced level of learning with video clips of locals talking to you.