5 Best Voice Chat (VOIP) Clients for Gamers

Gamers definitely know the importance of chat-based service provider during the game, the chatting or voice communication during team based games are important in order to let know your partners or the online partnered you during your gaming experience information as your next move so that they could take steps in accordance with the situation you have described to your companion. There are different options available in the recent games as they have incurred the feature to add chat option and by this they want people to not install any other chat based service for the gamers.

These chat options are convenient but are not best for instant communication as there are different barrier to communication and using chat service will slow down or hamper the progress in the game. So it’s better advice to add chat apps options available over the internet with different names and functions, we have figured together different available gaming chat apps and ranked them as the top 5 available options.

The ranking of these chat apps is based on their performance and the reviews of different available users over online gaming sites and ratings based on the survey. Here is the 5 best Voice Chat Apps and services available for gamers.

5. Curse

Curse has made it to the top available list with the 5th spot in the ranking, the service is available as the VoIP based protocol that has been recommended as the exceptionally good quality or feature for the good UI. Some of the top rated features of the gaming chat service available can be classified as rich embedding, attachments, and mentions. The Curse App uses the gaming acronym with “GG” that hints how game oriented and user-friendly the app is designed. There are two modes of chatting available for the gamers called as the voice activation and push to talk. Amongst the both you can choose the option better for you, Curse uses a custom audio engine with techniques as packet loss concealment that gives exceptionally well great audio experience.

4. Mumble

Mumble is the VoIP based service and application that comes in combination with encryption always enabled, the encryption is good service as it offers the information between you and your gaming partners secured. Mumble App works with low latency audio streaming, the quality of the audio streaming works with minimal lags and helps to do chatting with your friends without any interruption or distraction in between play. The app supports positional sound experience that helps to play more realistic, and soothing music and sound of the game you want to play. Mumble also helps the users to get “Ice” middleware in order to get more advanced features in the Mumble server. Mumble has also connected with the mobile application that has been developed by the third party developers.

3. TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is another important Chat Game App that uses the different code as the Opus Codec that likes the other available options above uses the low latency time for the better not hanging chat based feature. TeamSpeak comes with a lot of permissions and all the mentioned chain of information and settings is under solely your command. You can change or just bust of the different available feature anytime during play different games with TeamSpeak. The Discord option with a significantly lesser number of embedded code helps the app to control and manage things better on the go. TeamSpeak boasts of supporting the working system as the AES encryption which can be enabled by the admin as per the choice amongst the leading man in the game. There are several customization options available in the game as it includes themes, sound packs, designs and much more. The TeamSpeak chat option is suitable for the players with a larger team.

2. GameVox

GameVox has been rated as one of the best available choices for the chat-based services to the gaming freaks. One of the best quality of the GameVox in it offers a free standard server with unlimited command and chat option during gaming mode. Free Standard service is available to use as it offers a range of different tutorials for a perfect start to the gaming experience. Other apps, however, make the process difficult to add new people or gamers in the group, GameVox, on the other hand, marks the process easy as the link is only needed to follow for the joining. There is no need to add further addresses and passwords for the new participants.

1. Discord

Discord is the best available option available as the free chat and even voice-based conversation with the group of friends or gaming partners while playing exotic team games. Players using the Discord have the option to create a list of friends with their gaming ids in order to quickly contact them in need of help and planning things around. As Discord is web-based service available to communicate, the app helps players to quickly join servers and to begin the conversation.