10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Dance

With advancement in technology, it has become easier to learn new things sitting at home. Technology has blessed us with such facilities like YouTube. In YouTube one can find several videos related to a certain topic. In YouTube subscribers can watch the videos that are uploaded by the users for free. One can find several video tutorials on a particular topic on YouTube. In this article we will discuss about top ten best dance tutorials on YouTube. You can just browse the channels mentioned in the list and learn new dance moves sitting at your home.

Dance Tutorials LIVE– In this YouTube channel you can learn specialized dancing styles like locking popping, Hip hop and break dance. The channel has uploaded several dance videos for its followers. The best thing about the channel is that it uploads new dance videos every week. Whenever you browse their channel, you will get fresh videos. For learning a particular step, the video features step by step instructions by the choreographer. The dance tutorial also offers videos related to physical fitness for the dancers and the beginners. The channel is quite famous among the aspiring dancers.

Breakout Dance – Breakout Dance is yet another good dance video tutorial available on YouTube from where dance beginners can learn a lot of new things. The channel mainly uploads the dance video related to street dancing. You can find several street dancing videos in the archives. They also feature rehearsal videos of professionals and dancers.

nathaniel2794 – The next YouTube dance video channel is on finger tuts. This channel is created and maintained by a professional choreographer who uses finger moves while dancing. The choreographer explains the moves in a very creative way so that the users can learn from it. However, the channel has only few videos dedicated to the dance moves using fingers. You can learn the dancing style just by following the channel on YouTube.

Easy2Dance – Easy2Dance is one of the most viewed YouTube channels that feature video tutorials on various dancing styles. The channel posts several videos on teaching basic dancing steps of various styles. In each and every video, the chorographer explains the dance steps so that the followers can easily learn the dancing style.

LFX Dancer – The YouTube channel features dancing video tutorials on various dancing styles including bachata, salsa, lyrical etc. The main objective of the channel is to motivate the new dancers and to spread knowledge about their dancing style. The YouTube channel also features video from their concerts to attract the users. You can just subscribe the channel to learn the dance moves sitting at home.

Moonwalk like Jackson – This channel features video tutorials on the famous moonwalk that was signature dancing sign of Late pop king Michael Jackson. The channel also features several videos on break dancing for the users to learn.

Breakdance – This YouTube channel uploads the dance video tutorials on break dance styles like B-Boying along with the basics of the dance style. The channel has uploaded several videos for the beginners along with step by step instructions. You will also get videos related to robot dancing in their archive.

Addicted2Salsa – As the name suggests, the YouTube channel dedicatedly posts video tutorials on salsa. This channel will help you learn basics of the salsa dancing style. The channel contains more than 100 video tutorials on salsa performed by professional choreographers. It is the best platform for the beginners to learn new salsa moves at home. However, the salsa dancing style generally requires a dancing partner but the video tutorial also teaches solo salsa moves.

Step up with hip hop – This YouTube channel teaches the basics of hip hop dancing style. The video tutorials features experts explain the dancing moves. The channel keeps uploading new videos that help the beginners to learn new steps. The channel also uploads the video tutorials on freestyle dancing.

Do the Tango – It is one of the best channels where you can learn about the tango dancing style. The channel has uploaded hundreds of videos on tango dancing style. Each and every video tutorial is fully explained by the choreographer which makes it easier for the new learner to understand the steps. Subscription of the channel will help you to stay updated with their new video tutorials. Sometime, the channel also uploads different dancing styles including salsa, jazz and contemporary. All you need to do is just subscribe the channel and enjoy learning the new dancing moves sitting at home and that too for free.

Now a days it has become easier to learn new dancing styles through YouTube without any charge. So if you want to sharpen your dancing skill or you want to learn a new dancing style then just browse through the mentioned YouTube video tutorials.



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